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Trade Policy

Are you an avid reader looking to make space on your shelves for new favorites?  Trade in your books with us and earn trade credit to spend towards your next purchase of used books.  

Here are our guidelines for trading in used books:

  • We are always looking for books assigned in school, popular titles, and classics in gently used condition

  • Based on demand, paperbacks are preferred over hardcover

  • Hardcovers should have their dust jackets and be published within the last few years. There may be exceptions such as large print or other books in demand

  • Books that are heavily annotated or highlighted won’t be accepted

  • We accept children’s books, hardcover and softcover

  • Nonfiction books should be published within the last 5 years unless it’s a classic

  • One bag or box of books a day is preferred

  • If you’re not sure, ask questions or bring us your books and let us decide!


Earning store credit

We make our decisions on the books we take based on our current inventory and condition of the book. For each book we accept, you earn trade credit of 25% of the publisher price for paperbacks, 30% of our selling price for adult hardcovers. Children’s hardcover books earn trade credit of 25% of the selling price.


Spending your store credit

Your trade credit is applied towards half the price of any used book. You pay the other half.



Do I need to make an appointment to trade in books?                                                           

No, appointments are not needed.  We accept books during all business hours.

Do you ever pay cash for the books I bring?                                                                      

Sorry, but we only offer trade credit.  


Can I apply my trade credit towards new books or gift items?                                             

Trade credit only goes towards half the price of used books.


Can I use my trade credit to pay for my entire purchase of used books?                             

Trade credit only goes towards half the price of your used books.  


What about books that I’ve purchased from you and finished reading?                                   

We always accept the books that you previously purchased from us for trade credit.


Does my trade credit ever expire?                                                                                        

Your trade credit is good for two years from your last transaction at the store.  In other words, if you continue to shop with us, it will never expire. We expire the credit assuming that the customer has moved away.  


What if I move or can no longer use my trade credit?

You may gift the trade credit to another account, or donate to teacher accounts.


What about the books you can’t take?

You are welcome to take home the books we can’t accept or have us donate them to charity for you.


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