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To Love "The Book of Love"

I'm back with yet another book I couldn't get enough of!

The Book of Love is Kelly Link's first novel, although she's been awarded a half-dozen accolades during her writing career (nbd, just a Pulitzer Prize finalist and a Hugo Award winner). Her first foray into the novel world straddles multiple genres: literary, fantasy, horror. Given the premise, you can see why.

Link's novel follows three teenagers in coastal Massachusetts who recently resurrected from the dead--got your attention yet? The teenagers must investigate their past, fight against the hot and mysterious deities that toy with their lives, and find out how they can use magic to save their families and themselves.

The Book of Love plays with powerful themes of loss, family responsibility, love, death, and self-discovery that will leave you speechless. If you love Stephen King's storytelling, you'll definitely enjoy the world Kelly built. She invokes the same character-rich worlbuilding that take you into a dreamy realm where nothing is as it seems.

Personally, I tore through the story, feeling my heart ache for each and every character and eager to learn what happened next. I'll be talking about this book for many years to come--and who knows, it may end up being our next Book Club pick!

Buy your own copy here, or come by the store. Tell me your thoughts on Susannah's character or whether Bogomil and Anabin deserve their own spin-off romance novel!

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